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Five Quick Changes You Should Make Right Now!

By Liz H. Kelly

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You’re dating online because you want dates — and not just dates, but the right dates. If you are not getting the responses you want, it’s time to make some updates to your profile. With just five easy tweaks, you can significantly increase both the quantity and quality of your profile responses.

Liz, I was receiving 1-2 responses per day, and since implementing the profile changes, the responses have increased to 6-8 per day! It is not the quantity that has impressed me the most, but the quality of the profiles. I am truly amazed and grateful for your helpful suggestions. Thank you!!!!!” — Cecelia, 38, New York, New York

Five quick changes to make right now

You will attract more dates by making the following five updates to your profile.

“These five tips are based on my marketing background”

These five tips are based on my marketing background, thousands of interviews with Internet daters for my book, “Smart Man Hunting,” and my experience writing Profile Makeovers for coaching clients. The results have been proven to increase profile responses by a whopping 500 percent.

  1. Share Specific Examples. When sharing things that you enjoy, give three specific examples. For example, you can write, “I love movies (“Almost Famous” is my favorite), skiing (Tahoe) and music (Maroon 5).” By being specific, you will invite more responses and attract your type faster. And you will get very different responses if your favorite movie is “Saving Private Ryan” versus “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

  2. Tell a Very Short Story. In two sentences or less, tell a brief story about a favorite memory. If someone can relate to your story, they are much more likely to respond. You might write, “I love running in the NYC Marathon in November because it’s a rush to run 26.2 miles with all ages from around the world.”

    “You will attract more responses with short stories”

    You will attract more responses with short stories than with a six-inch-long profile that puts people to sleep.

  3. Write About “We,” Not “You.” When describing the kind of person you want to meet, avoid writing a long, demanding checklist for a mate who does not exist. Instead, describe a few activities that you would like to do together, and use the word “we.” For example, you can write, “We might go to a concert at the waterfront” instead of “You must like music.” The reader can actually visualize the two of you doing something together. You will also sound more friendly and inviting.

  4. Be Hot, Not Just Warm. You want to sound like your world is exciting, not lukewarm — especially in your opening statements. Avoid starting a profile with empty statements like “I don’t know why I am here” or “I don’t know what to say about myself.” Instead, show your irresistible charm from the start with a direct statement: “Hi, thank you for stopping by my profile.” You can also open with a flirty question. One of my favorites is “Care to dance?”

  5. Crack a Joke. Share your sense of humor by cracking a joke rather than just saying you are funny. It will show a more playful side of you that most people want to date. For example, add humor in parentheses after a statement. You might write, “I love to cook Creme Brulee (OK, I admit it, I’ve burned a few on the top, but it’s rare now).” By sharing what you think is funny, you will attract someone who gets your sense of humor, which is often very different to different people.

Happy Hunting!

Liz H. Kelly is a dating coach and author of “SMART Man Hunting: The Fast Track Dating Guide for Finding Mr. Right (or Ms. Right).” Her proactive dating strategy has been featured on such shows as FOX News, BBC Radio, Dick Clark’s “The Other Half” and Lifetime’s “Speaking of Women’s Health.” Her dating tips have also appeared in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. Liz is online at


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